Can the City use PB funds to hire more cops or Public Works staff to pick up garbage?

    Nope!  PB funds cannot be used to fund an ongoing staff position.

    Can PB funds be used to pay a part of a salary and benefits, gas, rent, insurance, etc?

    No. For non-City implementing partner, funding may be used for skilled and-or limited-term labor, but cannot be used to cover administration, overhead, or to fund an ongoing position.

    Can PB funds repair all the potholes in Vallejo?

    The budget for individual Capital Infrastructure projects is capped at $300,000. 

    $300,000 will not repair all the potholes in Vallejo, although in the past, Public Works has used portions of the funds to extend the scope of projects.

    Can PB funds renovate the façade of my storefront or pay for the equipment for my project?

    PB funds cannot be used to renovate property that is not city-owned. 

    PB wants to ensure that Capital Infrastructure projects benefit the public at large, so locations that are eligible for improvement include City-owned properties like local parks. 

    Project durables in the past have included, upgraded police radios, and new fire trucks. 

    PB can help pay for limited-use items for your program like workbooks for computer courses, or a club t-shirt for a youth basketball league.

    Can PB fix the schools?

    PB can help fund short-term afterschool and summer programs in collaboration with the Vallejo City Unified School District and non-district schools within Vallejo. 

    PB encourages participants to champion proposals that benefit the youth. 

    School buildings and properties are owned and maintained by VCUSD therefore PB funds cannot be used to improve non-City of Vallejo properties. 

    Can I create a project and then pay myself from PB funds to facilitate it? Maybe get my side hustle business finally started!?

    Projects may not result in the private benefit of individuals or confer value to a non-public entity. 

    Examples of these types of ineligible projects could include purchasing assets for a non-public entity that generates net revenue for a private entity, non-profit organization, or individual(s) that exceeds the costs of the program in which that revenue was generated.

    The future sustainability of a project must not be contingent on market- or demand-driven revenue streams. Examples of these types of ineligible projects could include start-ups or enterprise-driven non-profits.