Council allocates first half of ARPA funds

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On September 28, 2021, Council approved a resolution to amend Fiscal Year 2021-2022 adopted budget in the amount of $25,727,736. This amendment recognizes revenue and appropriate expenditures from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds and approves the following projects utilizing ARPA funding:




Downtown Streets Program

This project will fund one year of a Downtown Streets Program. The program provides homeless individuals (referred to as "team members") with case management, employment coaching, job placement, and basic needs assistance in exchange for volunteerism.


Navigation Center

This funding will contribute towards the construction of the 125 bed Vallejo Navigation Center which is intended to help individuals experiencing homelessness get immediate respite from the streets while working to reduce homelessness in the City.


Sideshow Deterrence

These funds will be used to deter sideshows through evidence-based environmental design methods such as modified asphalt, raised pavement markers ("bot dots"), temp traffic devices for specific intersections, and stripping enhancements.


Advance Peace Program

This project would fund one year of the Advance Peace program. Advance Peace works to end cyclical and retaliatory gun violence in urban neighborhoods by providing developmental and healing-centered resources to those at the center of lethal firearm offenses (violent actors and most likely victims, often one and the same). The program does this through evidence-based practices including street outreach, mentoring, intensive case management, life skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and subsidized employment.


Community Violence Intervention Program

These funds will be used to support community violence intervention programs including the City's neighborhood watch program through the addition of three limited term Police Assistants and vehicles for the staff.


Broadband Build-outs

The funds are to be used for building out broadband infrastructure in the city. The goal is to extend fiber to the schools, anchor businesses, lateral build-outs for the businesses, fiber to new developments coming to the city. Provide WIFI access in public gathering places like Vallejo waterfront, major city parks, and Vallejo Downtown. Provide free WIFI/broadband access to our disadvantaged communities (North and South Vallejo).


Station Tone Alerting System

This project will replace the tone alert system in all 7 Vallejo fires stations (station alert software, cabling, lights, and speakers). The tone alert system alerts the fire fighters when a new emergency call is in progress. The system is over 20+ years old and seriously well beyond its useful end of life.


Economic Development Efforts

These funds will go towards a variety of ED efforts including an Economic Development Strategic Plan, Downtown Facade Improvement, Business Attraction and Retention Survey and Recruitment Strategy, Small Business Grants program and other projects to provide economic support to the business community including an art grants program.


Planning Support

This project will include various assessments and long-term plans to benefit the City and its residents. Some of these efforts include a food desert survey, climate planning supplement, and the State mandated update of three Elements of the General Plan, including Environmental Justice, Safety, and Housing.


Grant Software and Staff

These funds will cover the implementation of a grants management system and fund two limited-term Grants Administrative Analysts


COVID-19 Delta Variant Coordination

These funds will be used to hire a limited term employee to coordinate COVID-19 communications, compliance, monitoring and tracking for City employees.


To view the meeting, review the agenda/minutes, please visit:

The second half of the ARPA funds is projected to arrive in June 2022. City Staff will continue to solicit suggestions from the community leading up to Council Allocation of the section half of funds. City Staff anticipates outreach through community workshops/meetings, online submittal of ideas, and publications in the local paper to reach as many community members as possible.

If you have ideas on how to spend the remaining ARPA funds, or would like to review what other community members have submitted, please click here.

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