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Vallejo Economic  Vitality Commission: Business Retention  and Attraction Survey (BRAE)

Welcome to the informational page for the Economic Vitality Commission

Welcome to the informational page for the Economic Vitality Commission

Business Highlight: Creative Reuse of Vallejo

Creative Reuse isn’t located on the sunny side of Capitol Street but it is definitely a bright spot in downtown Vallejo.

Sitting on a tree lined street at the bottom of the Capitol Stairs you’ll find a store that embodies the spirit of Vallejo. Owned and operated by Kristen Woods-Ponce, a southern California transplant whose love for photography jumpstarted her career path. Creative Reuse of Vallejo is dedicated to diverting waste away from landfills and into our community’s art projects. They offer recycled art supplies at low cost as well as workshops for all ages.

“After moving here I noticed there wasn’t a place to buy inexpensive craft supplies so I opened a store!” explains Kristen. “I wanted a place where people could come find supplies that were affordable.”

The shelves and walls hold a treasure trove for craft lovers. From colored paper and fabrics, to crochet needles and paint supplies. Kristen’s vision is to make crafting available to everyone. Even a novice artists will find an array of mixed media to create or expand on their projects.

“People can come here to find that thing they need to finish a project,” Kristen shared. “I want to give people access to supplies in an affordable way.”

In Kristen’s store you can buy couple of buttons or a single paint brush. Unlike the chain stores, you don’t have to buy more than you need. Creative Reuse is designed to fit any budget. Kristen believes art shouldn’t be limited by money. As a non-profit, the store in 100% dependent on donations and they will take almost anything, even dried up markers!  Visit for a full list of wants and needs.

Kristen has some workshop ideas and events planned throughout the year. The biggest being her Trash Fashion Show. It will be held on April 23rd, 2023 which is also Earth Day!  Registration is now open for artists who want to participate. The categories are Trash Fashion, Up-cycled clothing, and trash croquis. All ages are welcome to join! Creative Reuse is currently accepting donations for fabric of any kind for the fashion show. More details will follow in the coming weeks, follow her social media for updates.

Wandering what a croquis is? Remember that time in school when you glued cotton balls to Santa’s beard? Like that, but high fashion. Trash croquis are one of the coolest and creative ways to get people involved in the show. Can’t sew a dress made of bubble wrap or turn a broken umbrella into a skirt? No problem. If you have glue and some bottlecaps you can’t make a croquis. Art can be something as small as a painted rock or a mosaic on the side of a building. No matter the size, Creative Reuse is bringing art to everyone in our community.

Contact Kristen for a better description of croquis and more information on the Trash Fashion Show.

You can reach Kristen at (707)788-8171 or

Hours vary, please call if you want to schedule a visit or drop off a donation.

Facebook: @ creativereusevallejo

Instagram: @creativereuseofvallejo


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